AMD EMEA  Christine Brown,  PR Manager – March 2012

We appointed K2 for two strategic reasons. Firstly, to drive a consistent and coordinated message to Turkish press and secondly, to assist us in thinking strategically and helping shape our profile in the region. K2 has a deep knowledge of our business and has worked hard to provide AMD with great day-to-day service and seamless execution. Their creativity and knowledge of their market has provided us with clear opportunities to succeed in Turkey. The combination of first rate consultancy, local insight and a strong can-do attitude has led to K2 very much feeling like an extension of the AMD team.”


AMD Turkey  Bahadır Erbaş,  Country Manager – April 2010

“K2 is a professional, lively and intrepid team of solution finders and result makers that are at our side every hour of the day.
They are our hands, eyes, ears, everything…
We’re glad you are with us.”


AMD EMEA   Jan Guetter,  PR Manager – January 2010

“K2 Public Relations has proven to be a reliable partner in all aspects of AMD’s communications activities in Turkey. The team at K2 is fully committed to AMD’s overall communications and business objectives and is therefore an integral part of AMD’s presence in Turkey and serves as the first point of contact for all media. It’s a pleasure to work with the team at K2. It’s creative, can think out of the box and deliver results that are critical to our business in Turkey. Apart from that – working with K2 is a lot of fun too.”


AMD Turkey  Uygur Uçar,  Marketing Manager – January 2010

“At the kickoff meeting in 2005, I remember them saying ‘Don’t think we’re limited to a PR agency.’ Back then, this made little sense. But in the 5 years that we have been working together, I can say that K2 is much more than an agency. Business ethics, determination, discipline, boundless energy, smiling faces, creativity… A corporation can’t ask for more when it needs to receive flawless service and obtain absolute representation. We would like to thank the K2 family for being there for us. And you were right: You are definitely not limited to a PR agency.”


AMD Turkey  Ömer Çelebioğlu,  Country Manager – September 2014

“K2 has a novel approach to projects and considers all aspects when working, which means that they are not just a PR agency, but a business partner that brings value. K2 is beyond the limits of conventional PR agencies, and makes a difference by helping your business succeed in all stages of communication with your external stakeholders. Their key tools are industry expertise and a wealth of knowledge in various markets and product groups, which help K2 differentiate and cross boundaries.
Their blend of experience and knowledge with determination and a results-oriented approach made K2 a partner that adds value to our organization.”


Arena Bilgisayar  İzi Kohen,  General Manager/ Founder – May 2010

“PR is usually understood as a one-way dictation to the press and the public. To the contrary, K2 helps us develop and implement interactive communication strategies towards our stakeholders; consumers, dealers, employees, investors and creditors. The results-oriented culture of K2, doubtless a learning from its international clients throughout the years, is manifest in everything they do for us.”


Arena Bilgisayar  Tarık Tüzünsu,  General Manager – June2013

“As a publicly traded distribution company, PR efforts gain importance day by day. What is more, the concept of PR and the efforts it entails evolve continuously. We believe that any PR company must know the business of its clients as much as the clients do themselves. Traditional PR clichés do little in the way of success nowadays.

As Arena, we love working with K2 because we receive tailored services. The ideas they come up with are customized to our industry, even down to specific product groups. We believe that the contemporary concept of PR employed at K2 will set the standard for the industry in the future.”


Arena Bilgisayar  Alper Harput, Assistant General Manager – June 2013

“K2 and Karin have been the faces of Arena in media matters. That smiling face is our liaison with the media, and the media takes the smiling liaison to the people who receive our services and products. As Karin likes to say, “I hope this is a great day for you.”


BT Net  Levent Daşkıran,  Editor-in-Chief, – April 2012

““I think K2 is a place where the professional smile -plastered onto the faces of PR teams elsewhere- is sincere and genuine.”


BT Haber Magazine  Fatih Sarı,  Editor-in-Chief – April 2012

“K2 is founded by an old friend whom I know by dedication to the job at hand and a warm personality. The sentiment carries forward to all team members, old and new. Despite being stressed out by things all the time, I am relieved to have them by my side to share some of the burden. Thanks for being there.”


CHIP Magazine  Şahin Ekşioğlu, Test Editor – January 2013

“K2 defines how PR should be done, and is thoroughly commendable with its sensitivity to human relations and its emphatic approach.”


DonanimHaber   Mesut Çevik,  Editor-in-Chief – May 2013

“K2 is with us whenever we need them throughout our nonstop hectic work. Had Donanım Haber been a racecar and we its pilots, there would have been no better pit-stop team than K2 – they are there for everything we may need, and more.”


Darkhardware  Levent Pekcan,  Editor-in-Chief – February 2013

“K2 means effective communication above all. The work we do with K2 results in direct and effective communication, and achieve the outcome we want without delay. At the end of the day, working with K2 saves time and gives us the pleasure of working with people who do a great job.”


DSGN.101 Architects and Consultancy  Sercan Çitlioğlu,  Founder- Internal Architect and Environment Designer – September 2014

“The market is flooded with service providers that are too mechanical in their ideas of service and quality in the busy workaday world. If you want an old-school teammate that takes the time to communicate with you personally, helps you feel the team spirit and the confidence of working in a team, and supports you all along the way, look no further than K2.
If you need a reliable, dedicated, creative and dynamic communication consultant that is always two steps ahead of you, join K2’s clients for a refreshing experience. With Karin and her team, you are in good hands.”


GİSAD  İbrahim Özdoğan,  Chairman of the Executive Board, – February 2009

“K2 is a lively company that is at one with their job and is never too tired or overworked to smile. I wish we had met you years ago. I hope everything will be to your heart’s content.”


GİSAD  Ferhan Özdoğan,  Human Resources Manager – February 2009

“First off, I know you love the job you do. It’s as if you were born for this. When I think of K2, I think of people who wake up cheerful in the morning, rush to the office to get the job done, and peruse through the day’s papers as they drink their coffee. You have the ability to reflect on the varied needs of the companies that comprise your diverse portfolio, think about what you can do better, and make us feel appreciated.
As fast-acting, energetic, visionary people with gusto, you are our very valued business partners. We are proud to be working with you.”


Hardwaremania  Alp Özdemir,  Editor-in-Chief – June 2013

“K2 may well be the second highest peak of the world, but thanks to smiling, sincere faces and a dedication to make the best of even the most innocuous task, they are number one for me.”


IT Pro Magazine  Ercan Arslan, Editor-in-Chief – December 2012

“K2 enjoys success with the warmth of their team members.”


Legrand  Jaymi Benbanaste, PR Manager – June 2010

“K2 has been expanding horizons ever since we met them.
Yes, this is a stock phrase, but also the largest change K2 brought to our work. How else can I put this to words? I can’t even begin to list the successful PR projects we conducted with K2.
If you are working with K2, your PR efforts are well on their way to success.
It’s how K2 becomes a part of your company is what makes them outstanding. You will notice that they have joined the ranks on your side, supporting you in marketing and sales. Their ideas carry you upwards; their candidness enables you to hear things you haven’t heard before; their sincerity makes you feel like you are their only client, and their skill makes them your seeing eyes and hearing ears.
There is so much to say about K2 that if I were to say them all, it would look exaggerated. So no more words are necessary.
K2 is a business partner and friend.”


Legrand Turkey  Murat Eti,  Marketing Director – June 2009

“Our relationship with K2 is less that of a client and a supplier, but more of friendship, and they handle our press relations with great professionalism. They show us the way by picking the best publications in our industry, those channels we can most benefit from, and refraining from choosing the most expensive as ‘the best’. Even when we are forgetful, they keep track of our job and remind us of the things we have to do, ensuring that we actually implement the plan we had devised at the beginning of the year. Keeping close track of the industry, they help us greatly as we determine our communication strategy. Their strong ties enable us to issue advertorials in many prestigious publications. We would like to thank them for their excellent strategy management and professionalism, and wish them success.”


Makerevents  Yasin Kuşuntel,  General Manager – Kasım 2014

“2005’den beri birçok projede birlikte çalışmaktan mutlu olduğumuz  bir ekip K2. Kimi zaman doğru iletişim için müşterimizi güvenle teslim ettik, kimi zaman müşterilerine organizasyonel çözüm ortağı olduk. Bu güzel işbirliği yaklaşık 10 yıldır devam etmekte. Birlikte nice başarılı projelere imza atmak dileğimizle.”


Maxi Haber  Aykut Altındağ,  Editor-in-Chief – September 2014

“There are some communication and PR agencies that fill a gap with their presence. Then there are others that leave a gap when they are gone. I consider myself lucky to have known K2, because if it weren’t for them, there would be a huge gap in the sector.

I wish many more years of cooperation with your lively, smiling team.”


Mobicar  Erben Öztürk,  Co-Founder – September 2014

“During our work together, the K2 team felt less like a PR agency and more like a part of our company. Mobicar was newly formed at the time, and they took ownership of the business as much as we did to support us in many aspects of marketing. Their principles and dedication to working with a smile boosted our motivation.

I wish the K2 team success in all their future endeavors.”


MSI  Zehra Aksöyek, Country Manager – May 2009

“As a team, we are grateful for the contribution K2 has made to the brand value of MSI.
Their sincere and dependable efforts, ability to work as a department within MSI, and their professional attitude are the reasons we chose K2.
I wish them success with all my heart.”


MSI Turkey  Gökalp Harman,  Marketing Manager – May 2009

“One of the greatest advantages of working with K2 is their breadth of experience and know-how stemming from their extended working relationships with other institutions, and how these transport you to a greater target audience and business circles. As an agency, its proactive structure, as well as the fact that they don’t constrain themselves to PR and take marketing as a whole provide great value to us.”


Oyungezer Magazine  Tuğbek Ölek,  Editorial Coordinator – June 2013

“K2 is an agency that stays off the beaten path to get to know its client, their products, the press, and the audiences they address. Their greatest advantage is how they get to know their clients and act upon their needs and desires. To this we must add their never-ending elegance and significant experience. When these come together, it’s not surprising how they became the shining star of the PR world when serving a fast-moving and difficult industry like IT, and how they can easily keep abreast of large communication and PR agencies.”


PC Labs  Özkan Erden,  Editor-in-Chief – April 2013

“There are a ton of PR and communication agencies out there, and not many of them are good at working together despite being the ‘communication experts’ they are supposed to be. K2 is among the companies that we work the easiest with. I think this is because K2 is a communications expert at heart.”

PC Net Magazine  Pamir Kızıltuğ,  Hardware Editor – December 2012

“A successful public relations company that knows the best way to undertake the promotion and PR efforts of its clients informs the press of any innovations and provides rapid response, and an agency that you simply don’t want to refuse, thanks to its charming members.”


P.I.Works  Elbruz Yılmaz,  Vice President, Business Development  – June 2010

K2 Communications has provided a consistently high level of service for P.I.Works. We have an excellent relationship with the team, who clearly understand our business and our needs. They have produced fantastic results to promote our growing presence in Turkey and in other parts of the world as well as highlighting our brand values and promoting existing and new product ranges. K2 Communications has consistently secured quality media coverage for P.I.Works and has impressed us with their proactive approach to identifying new PR opportunities for the business.”


Riot Games  Erdinç İyikul,  Community & Broadcast Manager – September 2014

“You must build communication inside before communicating with the outside. K2 is your bridge to good communication outside of your organization. Genuine, transparent and positive communication goes a long way in these challenging circumstances. K2 is as close as a member of family, and gladly takes on a very important role for its clients with a smiling attitude.”


Riot Games  Tolgay Karabulut,  PR & Creative Programs Coordinator – September 2014

“K2 is the warmest, most sincere and professional Communications there is.”


Shiftdelete  Hakkı Alkan,  Editorial Coordinator – September 2013

“K2 is less of a PR agency than a solutions company. They are willing to go the extra mile when establishing links between brands and the press. Having had the chance to work with them on many demanding, difficult tasks, I would like to congratulate them as a team and as an institution.”


Techno-Labs  Murat Oktay,  Editor-in-Chief- February 2013

“When I think of AMD/ATI, I think of K2. The support you gave Techno-Labs has been invaluable. I am sure our established working relations will continue with their genuine and professional team members. For us, they are one of the first performers of next-generation PR.”


Tunçmatik  Mehmet Özer,  CEO – May 2012

“What matters to us is that the PR company we work with represents us in the best manner possible. With their quality of service, approach and elegance, K2 has delivered.
They are great at responding rapidly to a variety of projects to support us in the best way there is. The right approaches adopted by K2 have ensured that our company was successfully represented in the media.”


Tunçmatik  Hülya Tenlik Doğançay,  Assistant General Manager- May 2012