We should tell stories that continue to unfold.
The past is precisely that – past. This is not the time to stop to think, or to work on a handful of campaigns every year. Continuity is the new norm in brand communications, and we are at the intersection of internal strategy, creativity, communication and the digital world, waiting for your brand. We maintain a strong position so that your brand never needs to shift its ground.

The marketing world has changed, and it’s changing more each day. We find this exciting. We’ve carefully recycled the old books and changed out old pages for the new. Our brand, without a doubt, will appear very strong from the outside and we will be proud. But we will not stop there

Communication has to begin from the inside. We will go deep into the roots of the company, develop internal strategies that will help reach its objectives, recommend appropriate plans, and even design a new structure if need be.

People want to have connections to brands all the time, through different channels. Marketers can no longer do a few large campaigns every year and sit back on them. At a time when people are in constant communication with brands, there is a pressing need to come up with the right message. The new age and the new methods of communication it brings are causing a radical transformation of our lives. And this transformation has its own set of rules.

We know that our stories must continue to unfold over time. These stories will be influential when they are based on strong positioning and carry relevant content.


We need a wide perspective that is long-term as well.

When K2 Communications was founded in 2004, drawing on 19 years of experience, its objective was pretty straightforward: to change the game in the communication business. We are ever more passionate in our stride towards this goal.

K2 believes that a wide and long-term perspective is critical to proper communciations, and that it all hinges on a good strategy that is based on that vision.

K2’s mission is to adopt a strategic perspective with which we will develop communication solutions that will improve brand reputation and competitive strength, nurturing change and development within the institution.


K2 Solutions Team

K2 has a dedicated team with extensive experience in public relations and communication on local and international levels. Composed of target-aligned, innovative, assertive individuals who know how to learn and have fun, the K2 team makes a difference with its working culture.

The K2 team loves a challenge and is proud to be the “Solution Team” of its clients in the most successful initiatives.